Synthetic graphites These are processed graphite chips from electrodes. We attach particular importance to using only raw materials that originate from unused graphite electrodes. This guarantees a very high carbon content, high electrical conductivity and good tribological properties. The processing is done by grinding, sieving and airstream sorting
These graphites are in the following product groups:
DescriptionCarbon contentParticle size / Fragment size
Graphite piecesmin. 99,0%from 100 mm to 800 mm
Graphite granulesmin. 99,0%from 0,1 mm to 4 mm
Hard graphitesmin. 99,0%from 0,1 mm to 1 mm
Precision graphitesapprox. 99,8%from 20 µ to 200 µ
Colloidal graphitesapprox. 99,8%from 3 µ to 15 µ

Typical grain-size distributions in precision and colloidal graphites
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