Quality assurance
As early as 1995, the quality management system was certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 by DQS (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zertifizierung von Qualitätsmanagementsystemen mbH, or German Association for Certification of Quality Management Systems Ltd). To meet the exacting demands on the quality of the graphites that we supply, our own testing laboratory has numerous facilities for verifying quality as part of incoming and outgoing goods inspection.
Testing laboratory

Quality assurance requires a thorough investigation of the raw materials. Their specifications pass individually into the acceptance test certificate. Thanks to its high level of automation, our testing laboratory achieves a high sampling density, which in turn enables precise documentation of the manufactured products.

The testing laboratory can measure the following parameters:
Verification of:In accordance with / using:
Carbon contentMuffle furnace
Ignition residue (ash)DIN 51903
MoistureDIN 51904 or infrared scale
Volatile componentsDrying cabinet
Grain-size distributionLaser diffraction / dry sieving / wet sieving
Sulphur contentInfrared adsorption
pH valueEN ISO 787-9
Bulk volume 
Compacted volumeEN ISO 787-11 (tapped/compacted density meter)
Aromatic hydrocarbonsUV reflection
Organic contaminants 
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